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Testimonial Video

We produce professional testimonial videos that give authentic feedback about a brand, build trust and effectively convey your message.

Testimonial Video
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Our testimonial video production service offers a professional solution to inspire your customers to buy and identify with your brand. We are here to show you in the best light. Our team of experienced producers and editors will work with you every step of the way to not only create a visually stunning video, but a video with a powerful message that resonates with your target audience. 

What is a testimonial video? In Advertising a testimonial consists of a written and a spoken statement, which describes the value, benefits and uniqueness of a product or service. For that matter it is a field report, a success story or an interview situation, which is aimed to increase authenticity and reliability of a product or a service. In video marketing testimonials are also used to increase brand awareness. For testimonials the fact that people invest more attention and feelings when it comes to other people is used. Thereby people identify themselves more with the product and are increasingly encouraged to buy.

Here is what else to know about testimonial videos: With testimonial videos advertising for precise features or services is often secondary. Much more is the brand being connected with the person promoting it. The centre statement hereby is the commitment to the product or service with the goal to increase and prolong memo value for a company or brand. That leads in turn to heightened identification and purchasing desire. Especially with celebrity testimonials the affinity or popularity towards a person is used to transport authenticity to the target group and create trust. (e.g. George Clooney for Nescafe). That can also be achieved by an"expert" talking about a special field in a personal way (e.g. the washing machine maintenance man for Calgon) or "people like you and I" (e.g. Ms. Summer about Jacobs coffee) A mascot could be an advertising medium too ( e.g. gecko for Geico or Mr. Proper for Mr. Clean Procter & Gamble ). In addition company chief executives (e.g. Hipp-baby food) or employees can have a say. Also babies, children and animals (e.g. Toyota monkey) are used for testimonials. The viewer connects the people /mascots from the testimonial video with your company. Testimonials are placed in online Marketing campaigns, press, radio and television.

For a testimonial video there are no basic formal principles. However, or even because of that, a structured and well planned production is crucial: started by finding a creative idea over to the concept and pre-production to shoot and post-production.

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