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Corporate Film/ About us Video

In an image film or corporate video we translate your story, your values ​​and your goals into an innovative and visually appealing representation of your company.

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We offer a variety of innovative video concepts to help your image film/ corporate video reach your target audience effectively.

A corporate video or image film represents a company, organization, brand, product, or service. The primary goal of corporate videos, whether for internal or external communications, is toestablish a positive image and increase reputation and awareness. It is achieved by giving viewers a better understanding of the product or service being offered, as well as the business's intentions and values. Moreover, the moving images in the image film should spark emotions in the viewer.

Here are some other things you should know about corporate videos: The length of a film should not exceed 6 to 10 minutes. It is therefore crucial in video production that the viewer gets a positive impression of the company in a short amount of time. No matter what the company or organization, product or service is all about, it's always about presenting it and asking for trust and sympathy instead of advertising it. Good corporate videos are perceived as informative rather than advertising. They entertain, are emotional, and are 'connected' with the target market. Corporate videos or image films use either an informative or a suggestive tone of language. It depends on whether the viewer is more interested in gaining information or in building an image. It is possible, for example, to show potential customers the development process of a product or service, along with its benefits and advantages.

What is the best place to publish the video once it has been completed? Corporate videos or image films can be integrated into your corporate identity and used on your company website, in social media, or at exhibitions. You can also use the film internally, such as for company presentations or training.

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