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Why you should never underestimate the audio recording in a video production

One of the most common mistakes in many videos produced on a budget is the low quality

sound recordings.

A video essentially consists of 2 parts, the picture (visual) and the sound (audio). When producing a high quality video, it is important to capture both the audio and the visual aspects in the best possible way.

A professional video agency or an experienced film / video production company knows that the sound is at least as important, if not even more important, than the picture.

The audio recordings are often underestimated because the quality of the “video production” is incorrectly assumed to be of less importance to the quality of the picture .

However, this is a fundamental mistake regardless of whether it is an event film, conference video or an image film.!

Even if the image component has some flaws and turns out to be imperfect (pixelated, grainy, blurred, underexposed, poor framing, etc.), as long as the audio is good - that is, recorded at the right volume and free of annoying background noise - the production can still be usable and convey the desired message.

On the other hand, if the audio or sound is mediocre to poor, the video will not work hence the message will not be communicated successfully. Studies have shown that viewers on videos with medium to poor audio quality are more likely to react negatively to all of the video content, no matter how good the picture is.

You can achieve a very good sound with inexpensive microphones and an external audio recorder. Really good wireless microphones start at around 200 EUR and inexpensive, relatively easy-to-use audio recorders are available for around the same price.

A distinction still has to be made here between what kind of sound is being recorded and, above all, where. If you are recording a testimonial video for a trade fair film in a quiet and controlled environment, such as an office, you can use a variety of different microphones. On the other hand, if you plan to attend a conference or record a Keynote presentation, you should consider when choosing the microphone that there will be a lot of background noise that the microphone will have to block out. Here z. B. recommend a directional microphone.

No matter how tempting it may seem to use the microphone on your cell phone or camera if you want to convert the video and / or convey a positive message, then the sound or the sound recording is the be-all and end-all of every video production.


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