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Bautec Trade Show: Photo and Video Production by Midday Film Productions

With professional event videography and photography you can strongly support your trade fair appearance and capture your success for investors, business partners, customers, and employees in a dynamic and lasting way.

For further impact, we also offer event and testimonial videos. Pictures and videos can easily be implemented in your marketing campaign on your social networks and website. Capturing moving impressions, feedback from participants and/or business partners additionally strengthens trust in your brand.

At the Bautec Convention 2020 in Berlin , Midday Film accompanied Austrian Start-Up Pure Livin for a event film production

Since 2016 Midday Film successfully produces high-quality trade show video productions for major Corporates and international Start-Ups.

Whether the sales pitch, the handshake or the smile, we captured the success of the Pure Livin trade fair appearance on film with dynamic and emotional images and then processed it in post-production for marketing on the website and social media channels.

What makes trade fair films / convention and event films such an ideal marketing tool and what is the difference between an event film or event documentary film and a trade fair film?

The trade fair / convention film is produced prior to the fair and draws the visitors' attention to your stand by showing your company and your products.

The event film (event video) or the documentary film, on the other hand, accompanies the client through the fair and records the success for customers, business partners and investors of the client.

Why should you have a trade fair or event film? Both formats are ideal marketing instruments - before, during and after the trade fair.

Here are a few facts:

* 95% of the information the viewer sees in a video is retained by the viewer, as opposed to 10% when the content is read! Source:, 2019

* 94% of all marketing experts surveyed say that videos have helped to improve user understanding of products and services. Source:, 2019

* 83% say videos helped them generate leads. Source:, 2020


* Since 2016 we have been successfully producing high-quality content for the various sales funnel levels of well-known companies such as AOK, Vattenfall, Deutsche Bank, DIHK and Zeiss.

We would be happy to advise you free of charge on your event or trade fair film.

Contact us today: 030 658 32 755


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